Tomes of Terror

Session Sixteen

Tick, tick, tick!


Lloyd and Condita continue their questioning of Bryce Cavendish concerning the recent Eagle Bond investigation into the stolen occult tomes from Miskatonic University. They acquire a better understanding of what occurred recently in Arkham and they also acquired contact details for Tricia Dano. They duly give Tricia a call and the disturbed investigator who it turns out is determined to get to the bottom of weird events that have turned her world upside down, races over to the motel to meet up with the two reporters. Once back in Arkham she recounts her own unsettling experiences and beliefs; Lloyd and Condita do not know what to make of the oddly behaved and paranoid ex-PI. Tricia does have enough wits about to know that first thing in the morning she will head over to Walmart and secure supplies in order to disguise herself in order to avoid recognition by the town police.

The next action that the two reporters decide to take is to contact the second confidential source provided to them by the Arkham Advertiser editor – Arkham PD Detective John Stubbs. They call Stubbs who agrees to meet with them provided they have the greenbacks to furnish him with. They meet him at his usual haunt, a dingy Rivertown bar – The Grotto. Once there Stubbs demands a $500 for his insider information and after much dithering and debate Condita decides that the information is worth paying for out of her own funds. Whilst casually drinking his pitcher of beer Stubbs provides an account of the two different investigations that have occurred in town and to his way of thinking he suspects that it’s the outside law enforcement interference that’s stirred things up around town and led to the recent spate of fires , explosions and hospital admissions. He also confirms that Chris Henson is currently unaccounted for and presumed dead; his parents, who were away on a world cruise are currently flying back. Stubbs believes that the DG team deliberately blew up the Henson’s house and that everything is linked to teenage/student drug taking, heavy metal music and devil worship. He also mentions that a local businessman has been reported missing and was last seen in the company of a group of young females believed to be MU students; bloodstains found in the basement of the Kappa Delta Phi sorority house match the DNA of the missing man. The reporters repeatedly show their greenness and the fact that that they are out-of-towners – Stubbs takes great delight in pointing out the errors in their suppositions such as pointing out that Dean Clements is an African American and therefore highly unlikely to be the leader of the Illuminati cult as detailed by Didier Melville.

Once Lloyd and Condita return to the motel they show their notes to Tricia (who is now crashing with them) and she quickly points out the discrepancies in all the different accounts they have thus far heard, including debunking Stubbs belief that DG triggered the explosion at the Henson house.

The next morning Tricia, who experienced a night bedevilled with weird unearthly dreams, heads of to Walmart to secure her supplies. The two reporters decide to pay Carl Munk a visit (having heard about him from Bryce Cavendish); they phone him up and convince him to meet them at the McBurgers restaurant in town at 10am. At the meet up Condita quickly becomes agitated by the pervy young student’s obtrusive staring at her assets; Lloyd powers through with the questioning and is given the names of Madison Lynn and Melissa Hackman. When pressed about the two people Eagle Bond asked Carl to keep an eye on for them the night stalker gives a candid account of Luke Dewer, who he believes to be a bad and dangerous sort into black magic and the much more respectable and widely liked well to do Steve Woodman, who just so happens to have been Chris Henson’s best friend. Carl also provides some background on Eve Williams and her witch coven.

Next on the two reporters’ list is a visit to Chris Henson’s house. The devastated remains are still cordoned off so they decide to start knocking on the neighbours’ doors in order to get an account of recent events. They duly visit several houses but what quickly becomes clear is that no one can give a detailed account of events that dramatic night; in fact, everyone only become aware something was happening when he police and fire department started to hammer on their doors. After leaving with very little learned and a very strange feeling about what they’ve heard they opt to visit the widow of the disappeared local businessman – Desmond Mitchell.

Arriving outside Mitchell’s non-descript middle class house in a quiet suburb of Arkham the business man’s suffering widow, Margaret, provides a sorrowful account of recent events concerning her husband’s sudden disappearance; a couple of days ago the police confirmed the DNA sample found in the Kappa Delta Phi basement. The story and all the other very weird accounts heard over the last two days have a dramatic effect on Lloyd and he suddenly feels a deep chill in his bones and is near driven to madness by the overbearing and incessant ticking of a grandfather clock.




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