Tomes of Terror

Session Seventeen

Suddenly all becomes clear


Evelyn is in the large kitchen with the Grand Inquisitor’s house steward, Bey-Lor. After an attempt to understand the strangely garbed visitor from Boston, the house steward has her seated and provided with a meal while he disappears and discusses her with the other parties of the household. After a splendid meal Evelyn is taken to the main room of the large mansion to meet the master of the house. The Grand Inquisitor, Ul-Hamoth, asks a number of questions of Evelyn – he clearly has never heard of any place called Bost-on, or of a strange land called You Ess Ay; worse still, Evelyn is very vague about the god she worships, stating that he has no name and no form. It’s the Grand Inquisitor’s job to find and condemn any heretic who does not worship Youndeh the Elk god. With vague accounts given to all his questions the elderly nobleman smells a rat and instructs his house guards to seize and search the strange woman. Going through her clothes and pockets they find her gun, although they have no idea what it is; they also find the protective magical pendant around her neck – this is proof of her involvement in arcane and dark arts. Searching further one of the guards finds the small metal box the sorcerer in the black tower had instructed her to give to the Grand Inquisitor. When asked what it is Evelyn states that it is a gift – but the nobleman is too cautious and instructs the guard to open the box, which he duly does. Inside is a purple stone that suddenly bursts into life and emits a powerful aura that envelopes the hapless guard and shrivels him up into a desiccated corpse in front of the room’s horrified eyes. Evelyn seizes her chance and while everyone is in a state of shock she springs forward and snatches back the protective pendant – the Grand Inquisitor, realising the assassination attempt for what it is, turns and flees, closely followed by his wife and teenage daughter. Evelyn sprints after them, closely followed by the second guard who has his stone dagger drawn; the FBI agent has only a moment of lead time and grabs a hold of the teenage daughter and pulls out the only thing left in her possession – her mobile phone! Pressing buttons randomly to create weird noises, she holds it to the young girl’s throat and threatens to kill her – which stops the guard in his tracks; Evelyn then pushes her hostage into the guard and sends them both sprawling – she then turns and runs out of the room, through an ante chamber and into the main hall where she has several options before her.

With no firm plan in her mind and a realisation that the sorcerer in the black tower will kill her if she returns without the mirror, she decides that her only option is to pursue the grand Inquisitor up the grand stone steps up to the second floor and into a large spacious bedroom. She grabs him at his bed and holds the phone menacingly at his throat; unfortunately, the other guard, who is hot on her tail, is so fearful for his master’s safety that he launches himself at the FBI agent and delivers what would normally have been a death blow with his dagger – but the magical pendant does its job and the stone blade shatters before in can penetrate her sternum; the pendant’s power, however, in now spent and it will no longer prevent her from physical harm. The guard falls to the floor and a brief scuffle ensues while the Grand Inquisitor flees the room with his wife and they race back down stairs and into the main room where the majority of the household now are. Evelyn manages to escape the clutches of the guard and also makes it out of the room. Unsure of what to do she refuses to leave empty handed and instead investigates a doorway that leads further into the house. She is rewarded with discovering the nobleman’s study, which happens to contain the object of her mission – the sorcerer’s mirror. Seizing the strangely carved violet mirror she drags it to the front lobby where she can hear the commotion of raised voice and people running; she determines that the risk of crossing the lobby to get over to the large front doors is too great and so heads back into the study and locates another doorway at the rear of that room. Peeking through the doorway curtains she spots two differently dressed guards running down the hall, led by a house servant – clearly the city guard has been summoned!

Unarmed, and with time running out fast, Evelyn decides that she has no option but to try to sneak out via the kitchen entrance. She steps out into hallway, lugging the large mirror with her. Before she can enter the kitchen another member of the city guard rushes through and comes to a sudden shocked halt at the sight of the strangely garbed woman clutching the large mirror; Evelyn has a fraction of a second to react – her mind racing she once again relies on her phone for subterfuge. Evelyn points her mobile phone at the city guard and threatens to vaporise him; the guard is terrified by the frightening bleeping device in the stranger’s hands and backs away into the kitchen. Evelyn picks up the mirror and shuffles forward into the kitchen and issues deadly threats at the terrified kitchen staff. Finally exiting the house through the side entrance she shuffles along the veranda still clutching the large mirror and makes it down the main flight of stairs to the street bellow. More guards, city and household, spring out from the Grand Inquisitor’s palace and come racing down the steps and across the street towards Evelyn – things look dire indeed for the unarmed FBI agent. Then, the two monks who had escorted her to the strange and terrifying city appear from a corner and one of them pulls out a flame flute and proceeds to cut all four guards into two with an intense flame beam – an awful site that cost’s Evelyn even more of her cracking sanity. The immediate threat dealt with, she is given robes to put on over her clothes and is instructed to place the mirror on a cart and the trio escape down an alley way with their prize.

Back in Arkham, the two reporters and Tricia decide that they have learned as much as they can from Desmond Mitchell’s widow and head back to the motel to formulate their next plan of action. After taking stock of the situation and all the things they have discovered to date they come to a natural dead end – three of the four missing books have been accounted for, even if two have not been recovered; the pressing question is what has happened to the fourth book, the most precious of all – The Necronomicon. Thinking things through further they believe that their next move should be to interview Eve Williams, who appears to have been at the centre of the thefts. They then make a bungled attempt to obtain contact details for Eve direct from the university; but it turns out that the administration has no interest in talking to the press. Tricia then recalls that she has Eve’s phone number and is fortunate enough to find that the ex-coven leader actually answers.

Eve reveals that she has returned home to her parents in Brockton, MA; she is reticent to be involved in any of the recent dark occurrences, even if it just talking about them – but after being reminded by Tricia how much she has been helped and how much she owes, she eventually relents and agrees to be interviewed. The trio drive over to Brockton and enter Eve’s parent’s house after the mom has popped out. Eve is doing her best to put recent events behind her and tells the reporters that she doesn’t want to relive recent terrible events and will only tell them the story and answer questions this one final time. Lloyd recounts some of what they know, principally that Eve stole the books – Eve then reveals the full extent of the plan and who was involved. A chance meeting with Ebden in the MU library where Eve worked as a student assistant led them to realising that they both wanted to get their hands on particular books held in the Restricted Section; they then co-opted Chris, Eve’s boyfriend to steal the key and made a copy – during a subsequent library staff meeting Ebden strolled in and helped himself to three books (the third, the Livre Ivonis, was requested by Chris). Eve reveals why she wanted to take Les Cultes Des Goules and her connection with Mother Willow, Ebden’s interested in obtaining the full set of The Revelations of Glaaki and Chris’s strange interest in stone fragments and the Book of Eibon. She categorically states that they only took three books and not four. Tricia realises that someone has taken advantage of the theft to make away with the Necronomicon; this fact then inspires Condita to ask who showed an interest in that particular occult tome. Eve tells them no-one, as Professor Fairbanks always kept it in his possession and spent much of his time talking about the history of that particular book!

The trio head back to Arkham satisfied that they have a requirement to speak with Professor Fairbanks first thing in the morning. When morning comes they head straight over to the university and Tricia is able to lead them to Fairbank’s office in the English Department. Unfortunately they find a strange woman there and no sign of the professor; knocking on the door Miss Emery introduces herself and invites the three strangers to sit down. They ask her where Fairbanks is and she informs them that he is on a leave of absence and that she is his stand in.




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