Tomes of Terror

Session Thirteen
The team encounters barriers


The group are shortly joined by Detective Stubbs and uniformed members of Arkham PD. The authorities want to know what’s been going on and where Ebden is; the investigators have managed to concoct a story that’s the best they can offer under the difficult circumstances. Stubbs sees through their flimsy construct and warns the group to be on their guard and to not cause any significant disruptions around town less he informs the police commissioner and the mayor. Sheepishly, the group decides that it’s in their interest to make themselves scarce and leaves the Arkham Mental health Centre.

After a quick discussion the Delta Green team choose to drive over to Arkham General Hospital to check in on Edward. The team lead has gradually been recovering his sight, albeit periodically suffering from horrendous and sinister visions. The group update him as to what transpired at the Dean settlement and what had recently happened with Eve; meanwhile, Tricia Dano, the Eagle Bond investigator who has been recovering from two gunshot wounds, overhears the Delta Green team talking about Eve across the ward. Tricia gets up from her bed and approaches the other investigators, demanding to know their connection to Eve Williams. After a short debate Tricia manages to convince the team that she can be of use to them has she has extensive background knowledge of the case. Edward also decides that even though he’s not 100% recovered it’s better if he rejoins the investigation.

After Tricia and Edward release themselves from the hospital the enlarged group returns to the motel where they spend a considerable amount of time considering their next move. After much discussion Edward decides that the surest bet is to go after the book in Eve’s boyfriend’s possession. The investigators persuade Eve to call Chris on his mobile and after a few attempts he does answer. The young athletics student sounds distant and strange but he reveals to Eve that he is at home, although he is not willing to have her visit him there, stating that he is busy. The group questions Eve as to where Chris lives – which turns up to be at his parent’s house in a wealthy part of town; his father is a banking executive while his mother is a realtor. The group decides to leave Eve at the motel and head out to the house.

A short time later the team are parked down an opposite street and have eyes on the fine-looking detached colonial townhouse; it has a low stone wall running around its generous front and back garden and they can see a classic trans-am parked out front. There are no obvious signs of life from the house and the team considers how best to approach it and after a lengthy debate over the possible options Edward makes a command decision. It is rapidly getting dark and the team heads off to Arkham House of Pizza to feed themselves and to pick up a decoy pizza; they duly return to the scene and Evan walks over to Chris’ house with a pizza in hand while the rest of the team watches from the van. A strange thing happens as he lets himself onto the premises through the wrought iron fence and rapidly approaches the front door – he suddenly slams into something and staggers back from the impact. Using a pen and probing the air in front of him the investigator discovers that an invisible barrier blocks access to the house; there is also a terrible and awfully familiar smell emanating from somewhere close by but in the dim plight he is unable to discern the source. Unable to progress further he returns to the van and briefs up the team about what he has discovered. The team decides that they will need some additional supplies to deal with this bizarre situation and head off to a gas station where they buy cans of shaving foam and a couple of fire extinguishers.

Once more the team returns to Chris’ house, but this time they reverse park the van right up to the front gates and Earl and Eric enter the front garden; Tricia and Evelyn make a circuitous route through the woods that back onto the property and reach the back wall of the garden. The two girls enter the grounds with varying degrees of success but are quickly stopped in their tracks when they spot another tree monster stood motionless on the other side of the garden. Meanwhile, at the front, the guys have discovered that the barrier surrounding the house appears to be dome shaped thanks to the use of the shaving foam and throwing stones. Once made aware of the tree monster the Earl and Eric return to the van to don the flame thrower while Tricia and Evelyn quickly return via the opposite side of the house. Earl stealthily approaches the monstrous entity which remains stock still up until the point where the investigator uses the flame thrower on it. Earl and Eric’s use of the formidable weapon is problematic at best and while they do manage to inflict some significant damage on their unearthly opponent they do also manage to set fire to Evan’s legs – something which proves that their decision to buy fire extinguishers was a wise one. As they battle the monstrous creature and back it further into the garden something odd happens – a raised male voice is heard coming from the backend of the house which is shortly accompanied by a jet of intense flame than descends down on the tree creature and bathes it in a ball of fire, sending it running, screaming, smashing out through the back wall and into the dense woods behind.

Gathering themselves, Eric and Evelyn race round to the back of the house but can only see an open window on the second floor of the house and still no lights or any sign of life. The two investigators quickly determine that the invisible barrier has now gone and they can approach the house. Eric lithely scales up a drain pipe and enters the open window, finding himself in a master bedroom that appears to have had significant amounts of household items just dumped in it. Evelyn smashes a pane out from the French windows and lets herself into the back of the house and is bold enough to turn on a light switch revealing a very mundane interior before her; everything is now stony silent. Tricia decided that she will help the other two investigators and lets herself in through the unlocked front door and quickly joins the others on the top landing. They probe one of the nearby rooms and discover Chris’ bedroom. Evan meanwhile bandages up his burns the best he can and prepares to return to the fray. Taking stock of what’s going on Edward, who has been monitoring everything in the van via head cams is disturbed by the fact that no one in the neighbourhood seems to have noticed the huge commotion that has just occurred – things are definitely not right here.


Session Twelve
Two strands come to a successful end


Still at the Dean settlement deep in the Miskatonic Valley, Earl decides to interrogate Eve. Exploring the strange accusation levelled at the young woman by the old lady – namely that Mother Willow has stolen Eve’s body, he questions her about her personal details. Things start well with Eve being able to say where and when she was born and that Chris is her boyfriend, but when asked her boyfriend’s surname she becomes suddenly belligerent and refuses to say anything further until a lawyer is present. Back in the other cabin the old lady who is claiming to be Eve is much more forthcoming with her personal details. Earl decides to experiment the strange situation further and assembles all the captives together and proceeds to tear pages from out of the Cultes Des Gouls to ascertain who is most upset by this action. The two hillbilly men merely stare at the investigators with hatred while both women appear distraught. When pressed further, Eve still resists all questions to the maximum; the old lady on the other hand makes no bones about why she doesn’t want the occult tome destroyed – she once again states that she needs to get the book to Ebden so that he can cast a spell and get her body back. As strange as it all seems, the investigators begin to believe the old woman.

It is 4am and the team decides that they need to get some rest and Evelyn volunteers to do the first watch while Earl and Eric sleep in the van. Unfortunately the captives have other ideas and a short time later Eve fakes an epileptic fit that sends Evelyn out to the van to seek help which then gives three of the captives the opportunity to flee from the cabin and into the nearby woods. The Delta Green team scrambles in pursuit and attempts to recapture the occultists but only succeed in finding the old man. As dawn breaks the team realise that they need Eve if they are to carry out the old lady’s wish to get Ebden to cast a spell; and they lack any real chance of capturing her without a huge expenditure of time and exposure to risk. The group decides that the dire situation calls for greater resources and they duly call their local liaison, Detective Stubbs, with the story that they have tracked down a hillbilly meth lab that has been supplying Eve with drugs to sell to other students on campus and that the aforementioned hillbillies have resisted arrest and initiated a gunfight that has resulted in several of their numbers being killed and their lab burning down. Three hours later a convoy of local police including SWAT and dog teams arrive on scene and begin their search of the nearby forest; several hours later the police patrols return with partial success – they have managed to find and bring in Eve. The investigators are told that they need to come down to Arkham PD HQ to provide statements and to sign in their prisoner; meanwhile the old man and old woman are taken to Arkham General Hospital for medical treatment.

Edward, who was injured, blinded, and taken to hospital, awakens in the morning to find that his sight is slowly beginning to return but he is also suffering from terrifying visions which heavily saps his sanity. Eric goes to the hospital and attempts to track down the whereabouts of Ebden Burns and learns after much questioning that the deranged bookseller has been taken to Arkham Mental Health Centre (aka Arkham Asylum) and had been admitted as a John Doe. The investigator immediately heads out to the imposing gothic institute and pretends to be a relative of Burns. Eric is taken to Burns’ room where he finds the man catatonic, sat staring out the window. The CIA analyst makes a concerted effort to awaken the man from his silence, utilising a number of different approaches ranging from friendly, threatening through to seductive – but all to no avail (if you didn’t know it already, Eric is lousy at dealing with people!). Hearing of Eric’s lack of success Earl heads over to the mental institute to try and get through to Ebden himself. At first things don’t go well as he also tries a number of different techniques which prove unsuccessful; desperate, he then opts for the absurd and imitates Batman – the spectacle is so weird that it manages to shock Ebden out of his trance. Down at the station, with all reports and statements given Earl and Evelyn decide that for practical purposes they will leave Eve in custody in the cells (where she has been fortunately sedated due to the amount of resistance she gave the police). The Delta Green team reconvenes at the motel and exchanges information and they decide to go through with the old woman’s request and concoct a careful plan to execute the next day.

On Thursday morning the group collects the old lady from the hospital before stopping of at the police station to take custody of Eve – they ensure their safety by immediately sedating her. The group then speeds off to the Arkham Mental Health Centre where they all pretend to be relatives of Ebden Burns; they request to have Ebden brought down to the spacious rear lawn which is conveniently bordered by woodland. Eve is then wheeled unconscious out into the garden with the willing old lady in tow. Eric then distracts the duty attendant while the group slip into the bordering woods. Earl’s Batman impersonation manages to keep Ebden under control and he persuades the bookkeeper to find the correct spell in the occult book and after 30 minutes preparation, and with the old lady and Eve touching, the spell is successfully performed and the pleasant summer day suddenly darkens and an abrupt storm and lightening rolls in dramatically. After the air stops shimmering the investigators quickly note a change in the old lady’s demeanour – she is now hostile and unpleasant and they quickly secure her, realising that she is Mother Willow, the dark priestess of Shub-Niggurath. After they manage to rouse Eve they discover that she too has changed into a compliant and grateful young woman; they question her and she reveals that she and Ebden stole a book each and that a third was taken by her boyfriend, Chris Henson – she denies any knowledge of a forth missing book. She agrees to stay in town and help the investigators.

Ebden is then desperate to help himself and demands the assistance of the investigators in making a “bargain”; for their part they offer up the unwilling Mother Willow. After some further preparation Ebden marks out a sigil in blood on the ground (the same symbol as was in the Burns’ Books basement). The investigators place Mother Willow in the middle of the circle and form a ring and assist in casting the spell – a strong mysterious wind blows through the trees and everyone’s vision dims and narrows (a vague maze-like impression is felt) – fortune is on their side and they all manage to dive out from the circle’s edge in time. There is an instance flash and Ebden, the book and Mother Willow are all gone – vanished into thin air. The Delta Green team feel a sense of accomplishment and closure, but they also know that there are still two missing occult tomes out there somewhere; and they also now have to explain the disappearance of Ebden to the authorities.


Session Eleven
Gunfight at the OK Corral


No sooner has the wild woman gone down in a hail of bullets then a shack window breaks and a couple of shots ring out and Earl receives a grazing wound to the arm. Evelyn spots the point of fire and sends a volley of shots into the shack, seemingly injuring the attacker. Eric picks himself up and throws a grenade (pin deliberately not pulled) through the window and is rewarded by the frantic sounds of someone diving for cover and a woman’s scream. Eric and Evelyn assault the shack head on and kick down the door to discover an old woman cowering by the side of a bed and an injured young man armed with a hunting rifle. An exchange of fire occurs but all shots miss; Evelyn quickly wades in and kicks the young man in the head, knocking him unconscious. While Evelyn restrains the unconscious man Eric rushes over to the old woman with the intention of doing the same but Edward, who is viewing the proceedings in the van via the team’s headcams, spots that the old lady is manacled to the bed. Informed of the situation by Edward, Eric then breaks her free from her bonds.

Eve Williams suddenly pops out from another shack at the other end of the settlement with a book in her hands and proceeds to summon her tree-like bodyguard before running off into the woods. The Delta Green team are horrified to hear a monstrous bellow from deep in the forest which is quickly followed by the sound of cracking branches and awful thuds. Earl observes the tree-monstrosity that the Eagle Bond team had encountered in all its horror; it emerges from the tree line and stomps towards him. the terrified investigator holds his ground and opens fire, emptying two magazines consecutively as the creature closes in. Eric throws a phosphorous grenade at the monster but misses – setting fire to the two shacks opposite. Edward jumps into the front seat of the van and guns the engine – driving it through the woods and up to the settlement. Evelyn joins in the fray and fires upon the unholy thing. Another phosphorus grenade is thrown and the beast finally succumbs under the near constant barrage of bullets and falls on top of one of the shacks, amidst the flames.

The team isn’t fully convinced that the threat has been neutralised and are taking no chances; Earl rushes over to Edward in the van and the latter helps the former don a flamethrower. Eric meanwhile escorts the old lady to the safety of the van. While all this is going on Evelyn runs over to the hut that Eve appeared from and searches it by torchlight (night has now fallen). As Edward is sorting out fitting the flamethrower onto Earl, Eve suddenly appears from the wood-line behind, points to him and utters an arcane curse – the veteran investigator feels the power of the high priestess of Shub-Niggurath’s malign incantation. Eve then turns and disappears into the woods and Edward gives pursuit with Eric following up, humping along the flame-thrower. The pursuit continues into the depths of the woods but the Delta Green members have an advantage – night vision goggles. After 10 minutes of running Edward manage to catch up with Eve and attempts to bring her down with a tackle but fails; left floundering on the ground he fires his pistol at he but misses. Continuing the pursuit, Edwards is suddenly aware that the witch is close by but hiding. Searching amongst the nearby trees he finds her hiding place, but not before she casts yet another spell against him, this time striking him blind; he empties his pistol in fear but fails to hit her. Fortunately for Edward, Earl finally decides to ditch the flamethrower and sprints to the scene just in time to dive on top of Eve and bring her down. She is duly restrained and frog-marched back to the settlement, along with the blinded Edward.

At the settlement the team finally has the scene under their control – all hostile parties are either dead or restrained. They gather up all the prisoners – the battered old man, the unconscious young man, the old woman and Eve. After much debate they decide that Edward needs urgent medical attention and Evelyn agrees to drive him to the Arkham General Hospital. Eric and Earl are left in control of the captives; after initial questioning the old woman claims to be Eve Williams and says that the young woman is Mother Willow, who has stolen her body. When asked if she stole the books from the Miskatonic University she admits her role in the thefts and says that she took the books to Mother Willow as she needed some of it translated. She pleads for the investigators to take her and the book, Des Cultes Des Goules, to Ebden Burns, whom she believes can translate the book for her and get her body back (she refuses to reveal further information until this happens). The old man will only yell curses at the two investigators for killing his family and tells them that the Black Goat will catch up with them and kill them. When the young man finally regains consciousness he attempts to cast a spell against them but is prevented from finishing.

Edward is examined at the ER and is then referred to a doctor who admits him to a ward pending further tests. Evelyn returns to the settlement, reaching it at 3am on Wednesday morning. The team needs to decide on their next course of action.


Session Ten
It's all action out in the sticks


Checking the recovered laptop further the investigators discover that Eve had been sending a string of e-mails to her boyfriend, Chris Henson, and her sorority friends and coven members – Maylene Murphy, Patricia Martin, Ruth Gray and Jordan Reyes; but there are no clues leading to the robbery. They also note that Eve has not sent any e-mails for over a fortnight. The team decide that the best course of action is to try and locate the mysterious Mother Willow in the Miskatonic Valley.

Early the next day (Tuesday) the group head out of town and onto the highway towards the Miskatonic Valley and decide to pullover 10 minutes in to burn the recently recovered volumes of The Revelations of Glaaki in the nearby woods. Unfortunately the van is spotted by highway patrol and an inquisitive policeman quickly questions the group and manages to salvage the occult tomes from the flames; luckily for the investigators they were able to convince him that they were just innocent bystanders who had happened onto the scene.

Resuming their journey the Delta Green team leaves the highway and heads into the dark depths of the Massachusetts countryside. Traveling on a desolate and poorly maintained road they eventually come to Hackett’s Lament, a god-forsaken ramshackle hamlet of eight houses. There is no movement or signs of life so the investigators agree to split into pairs and start checking out the residences. Edward and Evelyn start to poke around the nearest abode, peeking through windows before venturing into the back yard. Suddenly a mongrel dog leaps out and bites Edward on the arm and the leg before the commotion finally draws the dog’s owner, a wary and elderly woman. Shocked and in pain, Edward then immediately asks the elderly resident if she knows of Mother Willow’s whereabouts – this results in the old woman telling them that the witch is despised and loathed throughout the area and lives deep in the valley. Evelyn then tries to render first aid but only makes things worse. Meanwhile Eric and Earl take a more sensible approach and knock on a door. An elderly man answers and they immediately ask if he knows where they can find Mother Willow; the old man tells them to get off his land and shouts curses at them. Back at the van the team realises that they need to get Edward some urgent medical attention; they duly head back into Arkham and take him to the Miskatonic University Medical Centre.

After Edward is patched up and everyone stops for Big Macs, the team once again resumes its search for the elusive witch and Eve Williams. They drive back into the Miskatonic Valley, pass through Hackett’s Lament and manage to garner some additional curses from a passing local due to their lack of finesse. They then reach an even smaller hamlet called Billingham’s Sanctuary where the few hovels look deserted. The cautious team knock on the door of a farmstead and are greeted by a stocky hillbilly farmer. They question him about any odd occurrences and he confides that he has recently lost some chickens, probably to a Mr Fox. The investigators turn their questions to Mother Willow and the farmer tells them that the witch’s abode is at a junction a couple of miles down the road and that if she’s not there then she’ll probably be at the Dean clan’s settlement a few miles down on the left hand road.

With firm directions the team carefully drive down to the fork and locate a shack. With supreme caution the investigators approach the witch’s house with guns drawn; however, they eventually discover that no one is present. Searching the residence they discover a grubby cooking area filled with weird herbal concoctions, rudimentary furniture and several odd wood carvings of satyrs and occult symbols. After setting up a remote concealed camera in the witch’s house the team decide to check out the Dean clan settlement. Further down the left fork they detect a group of four shacks in the woods; Eric, Earl and Evelyn don head cams, body armour and break out the assault rifles – leaving the injured and somewhat immobile Edward in the van to direct operations.

The three investigators make an attempt to stealthily approach the settlement but ineptly trip over tree roots and fall into bushes – fortunately no one seems to hear their bungling. Recovering themselves they reach the back of one of the shacks and detect smoke and whistling from somewhere nearby; peeking round the corner they find an inebriated old man sat on a car seat in front of a fire. The investigators come to the conclusion that they must deal with the man before they can further explore the settlement; their attempts to distract him fail when an ill thrown stone hits the old timer on the head. The drunken old man gets up, walks around one of the shacks and promptly bumps into Earl and Evelyn. The congenial old man tries to make small talk with them and spotting their fancy-looking weaponry innocently asks if he can look at it – this prompts the two law enforcement agents to launch a sickening sustained assault on him which is as inept as it is vicious. Eventually they manage to take the old man to the ground and handcuffed him, but not before he manages to call for help – namely Silas. Eric, who is situated further into the settlement spots a grizzly looking hillbilly with a bandaged leg, hobbling on a crutch and wielding a double barreled shotgun, emerge from one of the shacks followed by a wild looking woman. Uncle Silas heads through the gap between two shacks but the investigators pre-empted his movement and set an ambush; as soon as he emerges into view a burst of fire from Evelyn explodes the evil hillbilly’s head (a double 0 roll!). The wild woman screams in anguish and rage; Eric then fires on her but misses. The wild distraught woman spins and fires two shots from a .22 pistol, one of which slams into Eric’s body armour, lightly wounding him and sending him sprawling. The woman runs towards him with the intention of finishing him off; Fortunately Earl springs to action and races around the side of the shack just in time and manages to shoot the woman dead.


Session Nine
The story starts to make sense


Edward instructs the team to visit the Kappa Delta Phi sorority house and search for clues and track the tree creature. Meanwhile the team lead decides that he will visit the last member of the Eagle Bond investigation team – Tricia Dano. Upon arriving at Arkham general hospital the veteran ATF investigator is forced to wait 90 minutes before he is permitted to see Tricia. When he finally gets to speak to Tricia he doesn’t learn too much as the recuperating private eye is suffering from violent delusions as a result of the terrible events that have befallen her (this encounter was role-playing gold as Daniel was playing both parts of this violent confrontation!).

The other three members of the Delta Green team arrive at the sorority house and find it firmly boarded up and bound with police crime scene tape; unfortunately none of the team have access to bolt cutters so they decide that they will concentrate on following the strange tracks and path of devastation that marks the direction taken by the tree monster (Dark Young). While traipsing across several back yards the investigators are accosted by various irate householders until one of them finally calls the police. Once an Arkham PD cruiser turns up Eric makes the mistake of flashing his exotic CIA badge at them which merely results in all of them being arrested and transported to the PD HQ where they have to explain themselves to the police commissioner. Fortunately for Delta Green, Evelyn the FBI agent, is able to convince the local law enforcement authorities that there has been an innocent bureaucratic mistake. Pacified, the chief of police informs the group that they can stay in Arkham but under the condition that a local representative chaperones them around town. A weary Detective John Stubbs introduces himself to the investigators.

Having had a somewhat unproductive encounter at the hospital, Edward decides that he will follow up one of the leads that Eagle Bond never got around to checking out. The senior investigator has Ralph Myer’s deceased uncle’s house keys and he locates the slightly dilapidated town house and conducts a search of the clutter filled abode. It becomes apparent that the dead uncle was a dilettante antiques collector and it takes hours of searching through the sea of junk before Edward locates the prize – eight volumes of The Revelations of Glaaki. Edward duly collects the arcane volumes up in two bags and departs.

The other investigators ask Detective Stubbs if it is possible to visit the Kappa Delta Phi sorority house – it is. Once inside the group conducts a search of all the rooms and discover a pop culture interest in witchcraft and the occult; a similar naive interest is found in Eve Williams’ room, along with a laptop stuffed under the bed. Down in the basement they find evidence of a murder and pools of dried blood. In the far corner they find a large fissure, big enough for a person to fit through; Stubbs warns them not to venture into it, saying that a network of similar tunnels runs throughout the town’s basements and people have been known to vanish upon exploring them.

The group decides that the best course of action is to interview Eve Williams’ English class. En route they stop off at the university reception and recover a library staff list that was requested but never collected by Dale Rutherford. The list reveals that Eve Williams was a library helper – Delta Green put two and two together and understands that Eve was Ebden Burns’ inside man and accomplice in the theft of the books. Upon locating the English 301 class in a lecture hall they speak with a stand in teacher and get permission to question the students. They soon identify two of the Kappa Delta Phi girls – Maylene Murphy and Ruth Gray. From these two terrified young women they learn that Eve Williams is local to Massachusetts, and believes that she is distantly related to a powerful warlock of historical repute – Noah Whateley. Eve formed a coven in the sorority house and several of the girls joined it thinking it would be a bit of innocent fun, which it was, initially. Eve learned in a local bar of the existence of a powerful local witch called Mother Willow who inhabits the Miskatonic University. Once Professor Fairbanks’ classes into forbidden literature began and Eve was given access to the occult material held within she quickly became entranced and set upon the crazed plan of resurrecting her long dead relative. Shortly after the thefts from the Orne Library both Maylene and Ruth witnessed Eve return to the sorority house with the copy of Les Cultes Des Goules. Unable to decipher the book entirely by herself Eve set off to visit Mother Willow. Shortly after she returns to the house, seemingly suffering from some sort of mental ailment and in the company of Uncle Silas and Heather, who force all the girls to participate in awful and evil rituals. Both Maylene and Ruth want nothing to do with any further investigations and warn the team not to delve further into Eve’s dark and terrible business.

All the investigators reconvene at the motel and relay the day’s events and findings to each other. Edward manages to break into Eve Williams’ laptop and discovers that the young student has been Google Earthing small hamlets in the Miskatonic Valley.


Session Eight
It gets too hot in the kitchen. As Eagle Bond quits, Delta Green goes in!


Dale spots the young woman fleeing with the book and shouts for her to stop but she continues out through the back doors; the injured investigator calls to Heather for assistance. The daring female detective emerges from the basement and gives chase, sprinting out into the garden in time to see the mysterious young woman reach the ugly diseased tree. A warning shot is fired but the young woman leafs through the old tome in her hands and utters words of gibberish. Both Heather and Dale are stopped in their tracks as the diseased old tree’s branches suddenly become writhing tentacles; a gaping maw and a myriad of black eyes are revealed as the “tree” sprouts several legs, issues an ungodly roar and begins to gallop towards the terrified investigators. Dale and Heather turn on their heels and race for the safety of the sorority house, making it back with only the narrowest of margins by diving into the lobby just as the creature smashes into the back of the building. Heather turns and begins to pump bullets into the terror which appears to be trying to batter its way into the house; Dale, stricken by terror gives in to his sense of self preservation and dives out through the front door and races for the car.

Left on his own, Bryce ventures into the darkly lit basement and quickly walks towards Tricia who is still bound and gagged to a support beam. He listens carefully and detects strange whispering and shuffling somewhere in the dark recesses of the basement. Halfway across the basement he senses movement behind him and turns in time to see the crazed woman come screaming at him with a kitchen knife. A shot is fired but it misses, as does the knife blow; the woman spins and races off into the dark, pursued for a short distance by Bryce who then decides that the priority is freeing Tricia. As he reaches the captive investigator and begins to untie her a shot rings out from the dark and hits Tricia in the arm; Bryce returns fire as another shot hits the bound investigator in the lower abdomen. Pistol blazing, Bryce is rewarded by the sound of a man screaming in the dark and the clatter of a gun hitting the ground. The experienced detective hears and feels a mighty impact on the structure from without, followed by a hideous roaring from upstairs; he quickly frees Tricia, who is not in a good way, gives her his gun and puts her on his back and makes back for the stairs as fast as he can. As the pair race for the exit they become aware that something in the dark is following alongside and as they reach the steps a hideous white creature with elongated arms reaches out from the shadows for them; Tricia responds with rapid shots that sends the creature crashing to the floor just as two more of the awful creatures appear and give pursuit. Bryce powers up the stairs with Tricia and slams the door shut behind them and is faced by the horror of the “Tree” creature trying to beat its way into the house. Bryce quickly joins with Heather in emptying their clips into the monster which only seems to enrage it further. Driven by mortal terror the three investigators hear Dale blasting on the car horn outside and flee the house through the front door. They speed off down the street leaving the horrors of the sorority house behind them, quickly rendering first aide to Tricia who is only just clinging to consciousness and life.

The investigators head for the Arkham General Hospital and manage to get both Tricia and Dale admitted. While Heather and Bryce wait they are approached and questioned by hospital security who are alarmed at the presence of guns and gun wounds; they are then taken away to the Arkham police station where they give statements to a weary Detective Stubbs who advises them that Eagle Bond would do well to get out of town asap before the town’s police chief and major decide to deal with the source of all the new commotion plaguing them. Meanwhile Dale’s leg is patched up and he is released on crutches while Tricia successfully undergoes emergency surgery and is left in the ward for the next few days to recover. At 0100 on Tuesday morning Bryce and Heather are released and they swing by the hospital and collect Dale. Back at the motel they discuss the previous day’s traumatic events and quickly come to the conclusion that the job of recovering books is just too goddamn dangerous and that they are up against untold horrors. They call the boss, Ed O’Brian, inform him of the terrible turn of events and inform him that they want out. The seasoned senior detective agrees and admits that he shouldn’t have sent them in in the first place; he tells the investigators to pack up and return to Boston. Afterwards he decides to make a phone call he considered making several weeks before…..

On Wednesday morning four different federal agents, secret members of Delta Green, receive a call from their boss, the mysterious Bernard, who informs them that their cell is being activated for a mission and that they are to meet him in a Boston diner at 2100 that night. Codenames Edward, Earl, Eric and Evelyn duly turn up at the diner and meet with Bernard. They are introduced to Ed O’Brian who recounts the recent events and experiences of his Eagle Bond investigators; before he leaves he offers any assistance the Delta green operatives want. Once Ed has left Bernard informs the team that their mission is to find and destroy the stolen tomes and deal with anything “inexplicable” with extreme prejudice; he then hands them the keys to a minivan and informs them that it contains a secret compartment with their armaments – his parting words are a warning to maintain a low profile, not to attract the attention of local law enforcement and to refrain from raising the town. For the following few days the team visit and speak with the members of eagle Bond and learn the details of their investigation, they also obtain the official police report of the sorority house investigation and learn that a number of female students were found cowering in their rooms; subsequently interviewed the students say that a Uncle Silas and Hazel were holding them hostage. Police also found a trail of utter destruction leading away from the house; something had smashed through several gardens and out into the woods, killing a dog and crushing several cars in the process. A couple of young girls maintain that they saw a monster crashing through their garden – which of course was dismissed as ludicrous. On Monday morning the Delta Green team drives into Arkham and prepares to get down to business.


Session Seven
Shots fired


Team B finish checking through the papers found in Ralph Meyer’s apartment and learn that he has inherited the Arkham townhouse of a recently deceased uncle and that the keys found alongside them are presumably the keys to that house. They decide that it is time to head back to Arkham with the intention of locating the uncle’s house.

Team C checks around the back of the Kappa Delta Phi sorority house and discover that all the doors and windows are locked and secured. Whilst snooping heather is spotted by a man sitting in one of the rooms who emerges from the house and confronts the two investigators. He appears to be a rough middle-aged hilly billy who is not impressed by the investigators’ credentials; and after informing them that he is the caretaker he forcefully informs them to get lost. Suspicious of the angry hill billy’s unlikely claim the pair decide to drive back to the campus and check with the maintenance department to learn which of their staff work at the sorority house. After a talk with the cleaning staff they learn that a strange woman was also seen earlier in the house.

Satisfied that the strange hill billy is not what he claims to be they head back to the sorority house and ring the bell for over ten minutes but with no response. Once again they let themselves into the back garden and notice an odd creepy and foul smelling tree dripping with slime and surrounded by disturbed earth. A thorough search of the immediate area fails to reveal any hidden items so the pair resume their inspection of the downstairs windows. They observe a deserted common room, a dining room and then spot a woman apparently cooking in the large kitchen. After a brief discussion they decide that it is prudent to call and summon Team B to the scene.

Once Team B arrives to back them up the investigators discuss tactics and notice in the dying light that very few lights are on and the house seems devoid of student life. One of the investigators observes that there is a drain pipe running up the wall close to two upstairs windows; Dale begins to scale the drain pipe but slips and falls midway and hurts his leg. Heather attempts to administer first aid but makes things much worse, forcing Dale to retreat to the parked car and sit things out. Meanwhile Tricia loses patience and decides to hammer continuously on the front door until it finally flies open and the angry hill billy sticks a gun in her face and drags her into the house.

Leaving Dale in the car parked down the street Heather and Bryce notice that Tricia has disappeared and conclude that she has been taken against her will. Bryce then attempts to scale the drainpipe himself and successfully makes it up and climbs in through an unsecured window. Finding himself in an empty bedroom he ventures out into a deserted hall and down a flight of stairs with the intention of opening the back doors for Heather. Halfway down the stairs she encounters a wild-looking woman carrying a pot and a knife from the kitchen. Shocked, the woman screams for help from “Silas”. Seizing the initiative Bryce sprints past the woman and heads for the back doors, managing to fling them open as the woman drops the pot and comes at him with a kitchen knife. Bryce spins and avoids the blade, firing a shot and missing. Heather fires with her own sidearm and also misses but manages to send the woman running into the basement. Silas emerges from the basement but is sent reeling back by another shot from Bryce.

Heather runs over to the front door and signals for Dale who despite his injured state throws the car into drive and takes it up to the front of the house. He limps into the house with gun drawn. The three investigators know that they have at least two hostiles trapped down in the basement and they listen for movement. Dale listens so intently that he suffers an embarrassing loss of bowel control and falls over, accidently firing a shot into the wall which then deafens the others (the result of a failed Listen roll of 99%!). Shaking off their ringing ears, Heather and Bryce head down into the basement with guns at the ready. They observe that the dimly lit basement is a huge open complex with box rooms at either end and support struts running throughout; much of the walls are daubed with sinister occult symbols and charcoal paintings of a four-horned goat. They spot Tricia in the mid distance, tied and gagged to a support strut, looking terrified; there is no sign of Silas or the woman.

Largely incapacitated Dale holds the rear, ensuring no one sneaks up on them. He sees a young blond female come running down the stairs, clutching an old book, who runs straight out the back doors and into the night.


Session Six
Rumours & Expenses


Team C spends the Sunday hanging around campus trying to discern any odd comings and goings but discover little of value. Once both teams are back at the motel they go through their e-mails, one of which is from Didier. The computer science student has conducted a hack of some e-mail accounts and has compiled a list of those tutors and students whom he believes to be involved in an underground society. The remainder of the day is spent reading Azathoth and Others, which is finished off by a much spooked Heather.

The next day Team B revisits the Orne Library and locates the janitor’s cupboard which leads to the tunnel complex – the door is firmly locked and a search of the surrounding area fails to turn up anything. A quick conversation with the head librarian reveals that all the staff are aware of the presence of the tunnels and that the keys to the cupboard are held by the maintenance department. When asked if it was likely if someone used the tunnels to access the library at night to steal the books Adele is skeptical, sighting the lack of muddy footprints and the presence of infra-red sensors.

A quick call to Ed O’Brian reveals that the authorities have found two bodies in the burnt wreckage of Burns Books and that he fears one of them may belong to Malcolm; DNA testing should ultimately reveal the truth. Tricia clears it with her boss to return to Boston to search Ralph Meyer’s apartment. Gaining access proves a little tricky and a bit expensive as the duplex caretaker requires a lot of greenbacks to run the risk of breaking the law by admitting the investigators into the apartment. Once inside Dale and Tricia discover a pile of legal papers concerning a will and a set of house keys. They return to the Eagle Bond office and spend the remainder of the day sorting out their expenses overspend with the accounts department and their boss; they are informed that their new daily limit is $25. They decide to finish the day by searching through the will for clues.

Back in Arkham Team C sets about interviewing a number of the students on Didier’s list as well as a number of English Lit students. Most of the day is spent questioning these students and some of the English students who have been taken into the Restricted Section by Professor Fairbanks mention that Eve Williams and her clique of friends were the ones most interested in the occult books. Stacey Randle and Steve Woodman (on Didier’s list) both mention Eve. Alex Sheldon (on Didier’s list) doesn’t know anything about the Restricted Section but does recounts rumours he has heard of the Dean being a member of the Illuminati and of the head of maintenance, Gus Sanderson, regularly being seen drunk at work; as far as the library is concerned the only thing he is aware of is a legend of it supposedly being haunted by the spirit of a student who died there. A quick visit to Carl Munk reveals no new information but the investigators convince him to keep an eye on both Woodman and Sheldon for them. Bryce and Heather then feel it’s time to speak to Eve Williams and they wait outside her English lecture to catch her leaving; but when the lecture finishes it becomes apparent that Eve is off sick and a fellow female student seems oddly reluctant to speak to them. The duo fetch their car and drive over to the Kappa Delta Phi sorority house and discover the shy female student’s car in the parking lot. No one answers the door of the sorority house and all appears dead (it’s 1530) so the investigators decide they will check around back and quietly enter through the garden gate.


Session Five
The Mystery Deepens


Watching the bookshop go up in smoke Team C are invited down to Arkham Police HQ by detectives to give witness statements. Team B head over to the ER and wait for Carl to emerge from treatment which he eventually does – he cannot remember much detail about what happened to him and Malcolm in the basement. Everyone then reconvenes at the motel to discuss the disturbing turn of events. Ed O’Brian calls to learn about the situation and becomes very concerned for Malcolm’s welfare; he informs the investigators that he will visit them the next day and will liaise with the police in the hope of finding out the fate of the team lead. That evening Bryce conducts research into missing people cases in Arkham and learns that the small city has an above average level of murders and disappearances. Heather continues to read the strange book she found in town and again suffers extremely vivid dreams and is not alone as Carl wakes screaming in the night after dreaming of being trapped with a white monstrosity dwelling in a massive stone labyrinth.

The next day Team C visits Rosa Villa in her dorm and interview her about the mysterious figure that has been seen lurking on campus late at night by several female students. Rosa informs them that she returned to her room after a shower and discovered a sinister figure standing outside her window. Rosa denies ever having been in the Restricted Section during her English classes. Suspicious of Rosa the investigators vainly follow her over to the English department in the hope of discovering the coven they have heard about. The duo then head over to the MUCK (Miskatonic University Computer Klub) located in the Student Union and have a long conversation with Didier. The eccentric computer genius tells the investigators that a secret society of the rich, led by the dean, lays at the heart of the university conspiring to manipulate events to their advantage. Didier promises to hack some accounts to identify members of the secret society and also suggests that the investigators question the Fraternities about the system of tunnels running underneath the campus.

Team B visits the Delta Phi fraternity house and manages to convince a couple of the frat brothers to give them a guided tour of the tunnels for a generous $200 fee. They are shortly taken into a series of tunnels connecting the Axton Athletics Centre and Medical School and learn that there are indeed tunnels running throughout the length of the campus and that the ones running from the Engineering school connect to the library.

Ed O’Brian talks to the police and learns that the bookshop inferno is initially being treated as a accidental fire and not as a crime scene by the city authorities. He is also disturbed at Carl’s poor state of mental and physical health and sends him back home to Boston.

Team B make a second attempt at exploring the tunnels under the campus at a cost of another $200. This time an Engineering student takes them into the Engineering School’s elaborately developed and furnished underground rooms and follow the tunnels all the way over to a sealed room that leads into the Jeremiah Orne library. Unable to pick the lock and gain entry into the library they decide to return to the Engineering school and flee in a panic as they hear the sounds of people approaching from another tunnel.

Team C spend the afternoon sleeping as they plan to conduct a stakeout of the campus during the night in the hope of discovering either the secret society or the witches coven they keep hearing about. Early on in the evening they witness the campus become steadily quieter until it is virtually dead. They see nothing suspicious until midnight when they spot a dark figure skirting around the campus green; they follow it as it turns around a corner and heads around the dormitories. Eventually the figure stops outside the ground window of Upton Hall, the female dormitory. While the figure remains stationary the investigators make an attempt to sneak up on it but their approach is heard and it promptly flees. The pair give hot pursuit and make unsuccessful attempts to grapple with the stalker but it manages to shake them off and continues running down the street. The figure tries to lose them by ducking and weaving but the investigators manage to keep eyes on it and Heather finally manages to bring it down and then put it in an arm lock. With the mysterious figure finally restrained on the ground the investigators are now in a position to identify the stalker as a student. Harshly questioned by the investigators, the nerdy-looking creeper attempts to fob the investigators off with a false name but a search of his person reveals him to be Carl Munk, a computer science student. Munk has trouble admitting to his peeping tom activities but is so relieved when the investigators inform him that they won’t be turning him in to either the police or the campus authorities that he promises to tell them of anything strange he encounters on his future nocturnal forays. The only thing odd he has seen so far is one of the accounts department staff meeting late at night with a couple of bikers.

The next day is the weekend and therefore the investigators clock off. Tricia goes back home to her girlfriend while Dale spends Saturday seeing the sights of downtown including Independence Square and some trendy cafes.


Session Four
Don't go back in the basement!


Team C proceed to the Wells Technology Centre on campus and have an enlightening conversation with a student called Didier who alleges that all is not as it seems in Arkham, that people often go missing in the night never to be heard of again and that the Dean is involved in a secret society. They then manage to locate Professor David Kowitz, the head of Computer Science and Physics . A brief conversation concerning the campus computer network reveals he knows little about its intricacies and he points the investigators in the direction of the two network admins at the end of the corridor. A short visit later and they learn that two students, Rita Osicka and Noonan Powell , both used the library system to search for antique books.

Team B head back over to the library and re-interview the head librarian in regards to Burns Books and Ebden Burns – Adele has heard of neither but confirms that the university does rarely deal with individual local sellers. The investigators then interview the three librarians who are currently on duty, the last of whom is Shaqeela Roberts. The librarian doesn’t specifically recall Burns’ Books but she does relay that on the supposed day of the theft she saw Luke Dewer hanging around as well as an older gentleman who she’s seen around before but she can’t quite recall who he is (she promises to check through her records and find out).

Team A collect a list of all the English Lit students and proceed over to the School of Education building just before lunch and run into Vanessa Lamont who happens to be in Professor Fairbanks’ English 301 class. Vanessa, a happy-go-lucky Texan, reveals that she isn’t happy with the esoteric direction the classes have been taking. She says that she only wanted to study classic literature but now everyone has been dragged into writing assignments on banned books, which sadly, some of her fellow students seem quite happy with, especially Eve Williams and her clique who have an interest in the occult anyway.

Malcolm then convenes the regular lunchtime team meeting at The Grotto, an aptly named dingy bar over in Rivertown. After a quick update the teams decide on their course of action for the afternoon and part company.

Team B spend much of the afternoon trying to locate Luke Dewer and finally track him down to his dorm room in Herber Hall where he is blasting out dire tuneless death metal at level 11 – his room is a funky mess of empty alcohol bottles, heavy metal posters, satanic symbols and the reek of weed (just as any student’s room should be!). The investigators find the Physics student deeply obnoxious and confrontational. He hints at having knowledge of the thefts as well of the Dean’s secret love life with a new employee in the accounts department. Luke won’t be pushed into revealing more without an incentive and threatens to bring his crew down on the investigators if they don’t stop giving him trouble.

Team C duly track down the two students they are seeking and quickly learn that their Library intranet searches were apparently innocent. Rita is a computer science student (sexy-nerd) who is eager to help the PIs out and confirms Didier’s accounts before adding that a system of tunnels run underneath the campus and that the fraternities are probably the best people to speak to in regards to them. Noonan is a cheerful Physics undergrad who doesn’t reveal much apart from that a mysterious figure has been observed stalking female students, including his friend, Rosa Villa.

Team A head back over to Burns Books intent on further investigating the mysterious basement complex and the cavernous room where they found Ebden. After navigating through the numerous rooms they locate the summoning circle and begin to explore the room with their torches. A few steps beyond the circle an alien psychic voice communicates to them both simultaneously, identifying itself as the Lord of the Labyrinth. The alien being demands them to accept its bargain, which Carl duly does while Malcolm refuses. A large white elephantine mass as big as a room with small flailing tentacles appears from out of the darkness and penetrates Carl with a proboscis, lifting him clear off the ground and seemingly inseminating him before discarding him back on the basement floor; it then turns its attention to Malcolm who turns and flees in terror. The senior detective attempts to go back the way he came, conscious that the massive alien beast is bearing down on him, warping the very dimensions of the rooms it travels in. He becomes disorientated and instead of turning right turns left and continues turning left, running around in a circle until he runs into the alien deity once more. He attempts to dodge the being but a tentacle grasps him and then dashes him to the ground before the monster then stomps on him.

Carl awakes several hours later in the same cavernous room. The alien being is once again residing in front of him in the darkness. The dazed investigator picks himself up and quickly blunders back up to the shop and emerges out into fresh air and freedom. He promptly calls the emergency services saying that he has been attacked by an unknown assailant. Police and ambulance are dispatched to the scene. Carl is then transported to the hospital.

Teams B and C receive a call from Carl at the hospital who informs them of his condition (he simply states that he was attacked by something unknown in the dark) and that Malcolm is missing, presumably still down in the shop basement. Dale then informs Ed O’Brian of the disturbing developments and is given instructions for one team to go to the hospital to check in on Carl and for the other team to head over to the bookshop and liaise with the police and locate Malcolm.

Team C arrive on South Sentinel Street to find it cordoned off. They observe a large congregation of uniformed police, plain clothes detectives, city officials and the fire department milling around in front of the bookshop in an agitated and concerned state. After an hour a couple of plain clothed individuals get out of a fire department car bearing two large bags and enter the shop in the company of firemen. A short time later they re-emerge and a few minutes after that flames are seen licking at the upstairs windows of Burns Books just before the entire building erupts in a full conflagration that just as quickly seems to die of its own accord leaving the bookshop a blackened and gutted husk. A plume of thick black smoke trails high in the sky above.



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