A Little Secret


If you’re reading this then well done! I think this site with its graphics and session logs really adds extra depth to roleplaying, but not everyone in the group seems to have the time to make use of it. Still…..

First thing’s first – a disclaimer: this game is a play test which means that I can’t guarantee that the continuity or logic of play won’t screw up somewhere down the line; but I have tried my best to check through the plot, the characters, as well as timelines. Our resident American, Tim, is also cordially invited to pick out any US inaccuracies in the narrative.

Second thing: A bit of a warning this one – since this is a play test and I want to see how it works, I’m definitely not going to put up with any of the nonsense I witnessed in Mansions of Madness (even though it was highly amusing!). Only actions that seek to fulfill your objectives in a sensible manner will be permitted. This will be Call of Cthulhu at its darkest and deadliest – so expect no mercy; But do be bold because I have made contingency plans for character deaths; your game will definitely not end if your character dies for the first time.

Thirdly: So by now you might be thinking “well this doesn’t sound like too much fun”, so I’ve decided to add some incentives to encourage good play. First off, if the players collectively achieve the majority of campaign objectives (3 out of the 4) then I’ll treat you all to a round of drinks in The Falcon after the final session.

Fourth: The game is designed for an optimal number of four investigators. I can stretch it to six, but not eight players. This means that the first six people to turn up on the first session get to be primary players. Anyone else turning up can assist and give advise but they won’t have their own dedicated character. Of course, when someone doesn’t attend on a subsequent week then their character will be up for grabs for that session.

Fifth and final: As another little incentive, whoever I deem to have played the campaign the best (a balance of deducing the plot, finding clues, worthy actions and good character roleplaying) will win a brand spanky-new campaign book worth £15+. Hopefully you’ll all enjoy this as much as I will. That’s all folks!


A Little Secret

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