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Hi guys,

It was great talking with you both and it’s a real pleasure to assist you in your investigations. I’ve managed to conduct the search you requested and have dug some interesting things!

My search of the campus network traffic and e-mail accounts have detected communications between all of the following individuals. Their communications all refer to a “club” and regular meetings – normally once every two weeks but sometimes with references to “evening dinners” in the “club house”. I suspect that these are coded messages for their ceremonies. It should be noted that nearly all of the individuals listed below fall into the following categories:

A. They’re all white
B. They’re all males
C. They’re all from wealthy families
D. They’re all local

It’s all deeply suspicious when you start drawing all the dots together!

I’ve included each individual’s position or their degree course.

Hope this all helps you get to the bottom of things. Best watch your assess though – these dudes are really connected if you know what I mean (don’t trust ANYONE. Not even the local cops!). If you need anything else then just give me a call or drop by the MUCK.

Didier aka The SpyHunter.

Head Member’s Department

Dean Clements Dean of Faculty & Students
Theodore Mannerheim Biology Professor
William Richards Athletics Director


Floyd Cuthbert MBA (Business School)
Henry Emerhurst Economics (Business School)
Campbell Pankhurst Chemistry (Science)
Salisbury Sears Biology (Science)
Alex Sheldon English Lit (Humanities School)
Gordon Struthers Economics (Business School)
Steven Woodman English Lit (Humanities School)

Didier's e-mail

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