Miskatonic University


There’s an old saying that Arkham doesn’t have a University, rather Miskatonic has a few non-school buildings. This Ivy-League University sits at the very centre of Arkham, south of the Miskatonic River; the Copely Memorial Bell Tower is the most prominent landmark on the city skyline. MU has 7000 students and a number of different academic schools. The campus is split into four connected sites -

West Campus, which includes the oldest buildings such as the stadium and Athletics house, the Engineering school, as well as the theatre and Music departments; the medical department is located at the southern part of this section.

Campus Centre, which features a pleasant grassy square, the student union building, a number of fresher dorms and the famed Jeremiah Orne Library in the east.

East Campus, is home to the Business and Law schools as well as a few independent shops, many of which cater to student needs, that are not owned by MU.

South Campus, is just across College street from the other three campus sites and is home to the Sciences and a number of administrative buildings.


Many of MU’s student body live off campus in various lodgings, often close to the campus; Arkham has a lucrative student rental market that helps the city’s commerce afloat. The freshmen tend to be placed in the campus dormitories, the main ones being Antunes Hall, Derby Hall, Herber Hall, Patterson Hall and Taverner Row.

The main places for students to hang out is the Johnson Student Union building and the Halsey Club, the latter being a social gathering point where cut-price quality cakes and sundries are available as well as comedy and cinema nights.

The Miskatonic Crier is a student newspaper that often likes to push the boundaries of taste and sensationalism in order to boost its meagre circulation; it also has an extensive back issue archive stretching back through the years, chronicling the odd events that occur far too frequently in Arkham.

The year student book is called The Schooner, named after the sailing ships that were instrumental in founding Arkham. Looking for someone? Then check the pages of this annual tome and you just might find what you’re looking for.

A map of the main campus site can be viewed in the Maps section of this campaign.


Miskatonic University

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