Tomes of Terror

Session Fifteen

New Missions


Tricia is in full flight and heads off deep into the back woods and doesn’t stop running for forty minutes, by which time she is disorientated and somewhat lost. She repeatedly attempts to locate the highway that she knows is nearby and which will provide her with an easy means to navigate back into town, but try as she might, she only succeeds in getting lost even deeper in the dense forest. After several hours of trudging through the trees she finally decides to give in to her exhaustion and sleep rough under the stars. Come the morning she resumes her search for the road and eventually manages to locate it and flag down a passing motorist, who agrees to drive her the 18 miles (!) back to Arkham. Once back in town she attempts to return to Chris Henson’s house but is unable to make it past the police cordon. With nothing else to do she returns to the motel and discovers that Eve has gone. Later that day she looks out the window in time to see a police cruiser pull up, followed shortly after by Detective John Stubbs. The wearied detective duly knocks on the door and is somewhat surprised to find Tricia there; he quickly tells her to pack her bags and arranges for a police escort to the bus station where she duly catches a bus back to Boston and her home.

Eric, following the dramatic events at Chris Henson’s house, is transported to Arkham general hospital where he receives medical treatment to his critical injuries. He wakes up the next morning to find himself handcuffed to the bed and with a policeman posted outside his room; John Stubbs comes in and informs Eric that he’s royally messed up and contravened his warning. Shortly after Eric’s CIA boss turns up and asks the injured investigator what on earth is going on – and Eric reveals that he is part of a clandestine organisation known as Delta Green; things quickly begin to look grim for Eric as he is informed that he is suspended pending an investigation. But before the slow and relentless wheels of justice can begin to turn events take a more immediate and serious turn; four mysterious men appear in his room that night and taser him, release him from the cuffs before applying cable ties of their own. The disgraced CIA analyst is taken from his room, past the unconscious body of his police guard, out of a side door and bundled into a waiting van. For the next three hours he endures a mystery journey as he is spirited away into the night. Midway the van leaves the road and for the rest of the journey it is a bumpy ride down a long country road. When the van finally stops he finds himself at a modern farm; he is rough-handled down into one of the building’s basements and placed in a small room. Shortly after a rather dangerous-looking older man with a cadaverous grin enters the room and begins to question Eric; the man knows Eric’s real name and the fact that he is part of Delta Green and is interested to know everything about his team members and handler, Bernard. Eric, coerced by threats and taser blasts, decides that he has no option but to confess and reveal everything he knows about Delta Green. The mysterious man thanks Eric for his honesty before the ex-CIA operative is permanently retired by a bullet to the head by one of his abductors; his body is then dismembered and fed to the pigs.

Evelyn flies up the stone steps, and finds herself faced by a closed wooden door with two stone statues standing on either side. Aware that she is potentially being pursued by the guards below she races over to the closed door only to be grasped by the arm by one of the statues, which has seemingly come to life. The stone monstrosity utters a single word and the FBI agent realises she is being instructed to stop. As the guards from the floor below catch up she is taken by the living statue, or golem, further up into the building. She finds herself in what appears to be a cross between a throne room, a laboratory and a study; the room is ringed with large opaque windows, possesses stone pedestals bearing carved tablets and is populated with more monk-like figures. At the centre of the room, before a grand throne stands an imposing figure of a man in fine robes, a jewelled metal crown on his head and a rod in his hand; next to him, sitting on a stone bench, is Chris Henson. The older man holds a glowing yellow stone in his right hand which seems to translate his words to Evelyn; he orders her searched and marvels at her gun and phone, which he asks Chris to explain to him. Evelyn attempts to deceive the authoritative man but he easily sees through her deceptions and informs her that she has meddled in his plans and is now indebted to him. He has a task for her and informs the investigator that if she fails him in fulfilling the mission there will be nowhere in time and space safe from his vengeance. He instructs her to travel to the nearby city of Cerngoth and to seek out Ul-Hamouth, an inquisitor of a rival religion who has been persecuting the followers of the old gods. Once located, Evelyn is to give the inquisitor a small golden box which will incapacitate him; she is then to search the house for a large mirror and hand it over to her escorts. Evelyn, with little choice, agrees to the arrangement and after a night’s sleep is escorted out from the ominous five sided black tower by two monks and a golem. The walk for the best part of the day, during which Evelyn notes the intense heat and increased oxygen in the air about her. They cross grassland and low foothills until they finally see the majestic spires of a walled city in the distance. The group, minus the golem, enter the city through a guarded main gate and Evelyn beholds the strange denizens, who all appear to be human, dressed in unfamiliar robes; she witnesses the presence of beggars, street performers, traders and aristocracy. The guiding monks point out Ul-Hamouth’s palatial home in the middle of a central street and depart, informing her that they will be close by and will reappear within an hour. As per the plan, Evelyn loiters in the street outside the inquisitor’s house; it is not long before her strange and alien garb attracts the attention of passersby and a couple of them become alarmed when she is not forthcoming in identifying her origins or her gods. Fortunately for the FBI agent, a helpful stranger interjects before the city guards can be called and guides her into Ul-Hamouth’s house via a side entrance; once inside he reveals himself to be Bey-Lor, the inquisitor’s Head Steward.

Meanwhile, back in Arkham, Lloyd Honeywell and Condita Gonzalez are sat in John Macrone’s office; he is the editor of the Arkham Advertiser. He informs the freelance reporter and photographer that he has heard a number of strange reports concerning odd goings on about town, including the burning down of a bookshop, the abduction of a business man, unexplained events at a sorority house and an explosion in a wealthy suburb. Smelling an exclusive story and big headlines, he wants the duo to find a common link between all the recent events; he gives the pair the names and contact details of the two confidential sources that have provided the most information to date on all the happenings. The investigators get in touch with one of the sources, Didier Melville (a student at MU who was well known to the Eagle Bond investigators), and arrange to meet him in the local library that evening. Once they turn up at the super hush-hush clandestine meeting, Didier regales them with his knowledge of Eve Williams’ coven and the Dean’s Illuminati, the latter whom has stolen the books from his own library for financial gain; he offers the assistance of himself and the other members of M.U.C.K in getting to the bottom of the conspiracy and cults. Before departing he gives Honeywell Bryce Cavendish’s business card and explains that a number of law enforcement and detective agencies have already been involved in the case. Honeywell and Gonzalez duly call Bryce and the Eagle Bond investigator, who has been shaken up by his recent experiences and who has only just returned to work reveals that one of the missing books has already been recovered and returned to Dean Clements.




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